Frequently Asked Questions

They are designed to absorb 30 ml instead of the typical 5 ml or 10 ml from the conventional manufacturers. But they have been consistently tested at 50 ml with 100% success rate.

Yes. As per our internal lab tests, we have a free from toxins product.

We have a better technology of absorption, a negative ion strip to help with the bacterial control and other beneficial effects, and our pads can actually breathe from the bottom layer. Just the fact that our device can hold up to 10 times more fluid than other brands can handle makes ours a superior product in comparison.

Our strip has additional properties and higher quality materials that bring more efficacy to the multiple applications of our strips when compared to others. The current ladies' testimonials confirm the efficacy of our product.

Yes, our strips contain no plastic derivatives. The coloring is from vegetable derived coloring fibers as well.

No. Our product contains PE in the back layer membrane that allows the device to breathe when it's too hot, that specific function was better achieved by this material.

No. We didn't see it necessary to include "organic" in our first product line-up because the way they are designed, they have more beneficial properties for women's health than any "organic" counterpart in the market (this can be proven by a simple absorption test). We wanted to be able to maintain the price to have a real solution compared to the market. Fair price, better product.

No. Our pads use the material called "soft cotton" in the sanitary napkins industry, however, it's actually a fabric similar to other non-woven top sheets used in commercial cotton sanitary pads with a long history of safe use. The fabric allows fluid to penetrate and become trapped by the core. Due to its high molecular weight and negligible residuals, no systemic toxicity concerns exist for the top sheet.